VIP Motions to Council set No. 2

VIP Motion set no. 2

VIP - Voice of Independents Party
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13 July, 2011

The Speaker
Witzenberg Municipality
P O Box 44. Ceres, 6835
Motions tabled by the VIP - Voice of Independents Party
1.     Roads / Civils / Housing / Planning and implementation.       
The VIP proposes that all civil and building works, including, roads, curbing and channeling, storm water, water reticulation, water augmentation, sewerage infrastructure, electrical reticulation, house building, toilet additions, road maintenance or upgrades, either planned or underway in Tulbagh and in any of the town entities of the Witzenberg be indicated on a programme chart showing anticipated start and end dates.
Furthermore, the VIP proposes that all future housing planning underway in the Witzenberg, be similarly shown on a programme that will indicate expected dates for planning of, planning approval, funding applications, funding approvals, expected commencement of projects etc.
The VIP believes that it is imperative that all Councillors must have insight and be informed of matters such as the above, as should the public and in order that  IDP plans and annual Budgets adequately reflect the current and projected capital expenditure of the Municipality of at least a five year planning period.
2.     Spatial Development Framework
The VIP proposes that priority be given to Tulbagh and surrounds in respect of the Spatial Development Framework currently being undertaken by outside consultants, in view of the need to get much needed developments off the ground to add to the Rates base of the Municipality, stimulate growth and enhance the prospects of sustainable job creation in the town.
3.     Enforcement in respect of identified instances of illegal use of properties in terms of the Town Planning Scheme (zonings)
The VIP proposes a report be tabled to Council of all identified zoning infringements in the entire municipal area and a decision made how to capacitate the Town Planning department to enable that department to prosecute offenders.

Councillor John Veschini - VIP - Voice of Independents Party