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14 May, 2013

The Speaker
Witzenberg Municipality
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Motions tabled by the VIP - Voice of Independents Party Set no. 13
Urgent request to be tabled at the first forthcoming General meeting of the Municipal Council.

We do not have anymore time for a lack of will and the lack of decision making! Tulbagh housing is in crisis!

We don't have time for Directors to investigate the obvious unless it is done immediately. We have sufficient earth fill material to create burms or `flood protection walls' to protect those along the riverfront where they were located before. Also must be given a variation order immediately and get on with that which was obvious four weeks ago.

What must happen now is simple and this can and will be a Motion from the VIP Party formalised tomorrow for decisions to be made at the next meeting of Council.

Chris Hani informal housing upgrade

1.        Those who were moved under the expectation that they would be given first preference to houses built must be the first to occupy the vacant houses.

2.        Those South Africans who don't qualify because they own a home elsewhere must be housed temporarily somewhere until they can find alternative accommodation on the farms or businesses who employ them or go back to their homes (cut off date). This is the Municipality's duty and responsibility.

3.        The foreigners must be housed temporarily in one area where they can be identified and the Department of Home Affairs must be 'invited' to check on those people who are their responsibility and take the appropriate measures for repatriation (including those who have moved into houses illegally with false ID's. This will be the duty of the Municipality and responsibility until the DHA can intervene - cut off date?

4.        There will be a number of houses which will be available for backyarders and other members of the broader community in this development. They must wait for their turn. We have to have the land cleared to build more houses and NOT piecemeal or one plot at a time. ASLA will need an entire a whole block at a time and this housing project must be completed!

5.        The Municipality will issue notices to the beneficiaries who have either sold or let their houses as business premises (which in both categories) are illegal and the position must be rectified immediately.

6.        No way must the Manager of Housing be permitted to send letters to all those who qualify on her latest list, to go and stake their claims to their Erf numbers until all of the above has been resolved. This will create chaos and further racial polarization.

7.        The Chris Hani committee will accept point number 1 in writing and I shall distribute same. They agree to the proposal under Item 1 above. The project can proceed, if this Council is capable of taking decisions and not allowing staff to make these decisions for them.

8.        The Municipal Manager must be authorised to investigate any possibilities with regards to other land for housing. Perhaps a committee must be formed to assist the MM in this respect - before the Council meeting and then decisions must be made.

9.        The Acting Directors must now be appointed. If the ANC boycotts the meeting then the remaining Councillors must now be prepared to make decisions as they were elected to do by the people.

10.     Street names but now be decided upon and effected immediately

Yours faithfully,

Clr. John Veschini
VIP - Voice of Independents Party