VIP Motions to Council set No. 12

VIP Motion set no. 12

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29 January, 2013

The Speaker
Witzenberg Municipality
P O Box 44. Ceres, 6835
Motions tabled by the VIP - Voice of Independents Party Set no. 12
Urgent request to be tabled at the first forthcoming General meeting of the Municipal Council.

1.0     The VIP requests the municipality adheres to its by-laws regarding the numbering of each and every property in the Witzenberg. It is shocking to note if one drives down any street, how few properties actually have a street number displayed. Should there be a fire, an emergency need for an ambulance, a need for the SA Police to respond to a call, how are any of the various emergency services be expected to find the property concerned?
2.0     It is time that the Municipality investigated the cost of the reinstatement of all the roads in Tulbagh and associated infrastructure and considered the implications of not relying on Provincial or National Government funding but rather to seek a reasonable term loan from a financial institution with a negotiated interest rate to find the money and upgrade all - the roads, curbing, street names, road marking, traffic signage, storm water, speed humps, install one or two fire hydrants per street - depending on the length of the road and generally make the Ratepayer happy that they are no longer paying for more and getting less and less for their money each year for their increased Rates.

Yours faithfully,

Clr. John Veschini
VIP - Voice of Independents Party