VIP Motions to Council set No. 9

VIP Motion set no. 9

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13 June, 2012

The Mayor and the Speaker,
Witzenberg Municipality.

Dear Mayor and Speaker,

Portfolio Committees

I, on behalf of my Party, have been giving serious thought about how the Portfolios of Council are presently structured.

The way they are structured now does. in my opinion, not serve the best interests of Council due to the duplication and lack of functionality of the said Portfolios.

Moreover, some portfolios are overloaded, whilst others have too little to deal with to be worthwhile.

A typical example of a committee that is wrongly constituted is the Technical committee which of course should be associated with Town Planning and building control aside from its current functions. This morning, I believe that committee meeting was over in about 20 minutes. That meant, I as a Councillor from an outlying area had to get to Ceres and then sit around and do nothing for about three hours, if I wished to attend the meeting for the currently termed `Committee for Rural Development and Planning' in the afternoon, or drive back to Tulbagh and forth again to Ceres.

Two important functions that Council should be dealing with which are not adequately being dealt with are Tourism and Marketing of the Witzenberg in general. In addition and in my opinion (and it is well known by all Councillors and officials), we are NOT doing enough to promote Small Business enterprise development, sustainable job creation and wealth creation on general.  As I alluded to in my comments regarding the budget and the IDP, we need to focus on lessening the burden of the paying ratepayer and resident and at the same time empower Indigent families towards opportunities to become less dependent of the rest of the community.  Therefore, I have suggested pooling our efforts towards this by incorporation the aspect of wealth creations and sustainable job creation opportunities by moving out of the Committee for Community Services (a suggested renaming from the currently named Committee for Community Development') to the suggested Committee for Local Economic Development, Tourism and Marketing (currently named `The Committee for Rural Economic Development).

So instead of the LED manager (Jo-Ann Krieger) reporting to two portfolios, she would be reporting to one? Would this not be more productive towards the role of providing focus on Job Creation?

Tourism and the marketing of the brand name `Witzenberg' are another pair of sadly neglected aspects of our efforts as a Council. We fund (to a large extent) the various Tourism offices and yet we do nothing to promote Tourism to the benefit of the broader community. Marketing of the `brand', which is now another cost centre, should as a matter of course, be combined with Tourism and Local Economic Development. Thus this is my suggestion that both activities be incorporated into the suggested new named portfolio of `The Committee for Local Economic Development, Tourism and Marketing'.

Crime, illegal use of properties, drugs, alcohol abuse etc. is becoming a SERIOUS problem in this Municipality. Both can be focused on more adequately if my suggestions are taken seriously.

I have suggested the changes as motivated above, for you, (for the DA and your ruling Coalition COPE partner), to consider as per the table below.

Kindly note my suggestions regarding the Portfolio name changes, as well as the suggestions regarding the General Role/Functions of each Portfolio.

I trust that you and your colleagues will give these suggestions serious thought?


General Role/Function of Committee
Committee for Technical Services and planning
To deal with all matters of a Technical nature including roads, water, sewerage and electrical services. Town Planning and Building Control.
Committee for Local Economic Development, Tourism and Marketing
To deal with all matters such as Local and Socio Economic Development, Tourism and Marketing.
Committee for Community Services
To deal with all Community Safety and Security, Health and Social Welfare, Protection and Traffic Services, Sports and Recreation, Amenities, Environment, Fire Services,  and Community Services
Committee for Housing Matters
To deal with all matters to do with housing, including managing Informal Dwellers, Rental stock, Sales of Municipal Housing and Housing applications.
Committee for Corporate and Financial Services
To deal with all matters relating to Finance including Budgetary matters, IDP, Credit Control, Cash management, Tenders, Bids, Supply Chain control , Corporate Services, Human Resources, Training, Asset Management, Risk Management, IT, Communication and Marketing, Leases, Contracts of sale .

I have set this out as an Urgent Motion to be discussed at the forthcoming Council Meeting, should the matters raised not be addressed as a consequence of this letter.

Kind regards,

Clr. John Veschini
VIP - Voice of Independents Party