VIP Motions to Council set No. 6

VIP Motion set no. 6

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13 February, 2012

The Speaker
Witzenberg Municipality
P O Box 44. Ceres, 6835
Motions tabled by the VIP - Voice of Independents Party Set 6
Urgent request to be tabled at the forthcoming Council meeting.

It is abundantly clear to The VIP, that the state of the Klip River Park resort is such that if it were a private resort, it would long since have been condemned.

1.     The VIP makes an URGENT motion that the state of disrepair of the Park is such that it should be closed immediately and no further visitors should be accepted as this resort is a danger to the public. As the situation is now, the Municipality could very well face legal claims from any member of the public who is either, injured, electrocuted, or made ill from the pollution in the river.
2.     That invitation to bid to lease the Park is invited as soon as practically possible, before the state of the park deteriorates further.
3.     That the reason for the Klip River being continuously polluted from the Final Settlement Dam be investigated immediately as well as the leak in the said dam across the road from ESAB Sweiswerkers and the Vet.

Kind regards,

Clr. John Veschini
VIP - Voice of Independents Party