Music Recordings

Click on the link below to be redirected to http://www.musical-talent.co.za. On that site you will be able to hear recordings done by local and international aumeture and professional artists or be directed to their videos.

Musical Talent

This site is dedicated to amateur and professional musicians and singers, those who cannot find a platform to share their talent, gain exposure and be recognised by a record company or for their own satisfaction ... of having achieved something musically, or even just for fun and enjoyement.

Anyone who have a recording of their singing or playing are welcome to have their music in the form of mp3 files available to be heard on this website. The criteria, is that they their backing tracks have been legitimately purchased, or their compositions or arrangements must be their own. Copywrite laws must be respected. If the artists have a video of themselves on YouTube then we will also be happy to link to those videos from this site.

Any songs recorded by amateur recording artists are done in complete recognition of the original authors and artists and are not meant to be distributed and or sold in respect of any Copywrite on the material.

The website may also be a platform for the artists to be 'recognised' by the recording industry - if their material is impressive enough.

Note: You need to download Quicktime to listen to these songs!

We wish all the aspirant recording stars, or those who simply do it for the fun or pleasure, great success and or enjoyment!

Contact us and send us your recordings and we will upload your mp3 recordings for free. We are  waiting to hear you!