Tuition in the Tulbagh valley

Tulbagh is fast becomming a center for arts and crafts and there is much talent in the community.
There are people who need to know and there are those who are willing to impart their knowlege and expertise onto others.  Some of the artists are willing to offer tuition.

The hottest qualified chef in town is thinking of sharing his sophisticated culinary knowledge with cooking enthusiasts..
We have been approached by quite a few people who would like us to do cooking/demo classes. We want to know from you who would be interested, what you want to learn from Chef Nick, and what times/days suit you.

A few exciting ideas, amongst many, we have thought of is:

What knives to use and how to use them.
Herbs what, when and with what
How to make your braai spread a lot more exciting
Making your Christmas feast gloriously scrumptious
How to make interesting breads.
The art of home made pasta
Working with pastries
Cuts of meat and suitable cooking methods
Fish, fish, fish
Low GI cooking
Lavish desserts

Nick will share with you some tricks in the kitchen and you will walk away with brilliant recipes and a rejuvenated enthusiasm for the kitchen.

Nick or Simone

+27 23 316 2774
+27 72 0733702

learn how to make your own paper!
Fun for Adults and Children!

Mia Verwey
023 2320822
 072 4621905