Rosette Jordaan Photographer

Kleinfontein Mountain Retreat

Superior photography, for that Wedding, Conference or Special Occasion.
The Photographer, the Artist the Person, the Entreprenuer!
Meet Rosette Jordaan!
Born on the picturesque farm of Kleinfontein in the majestic Winterhoek area of the Tulbagh valley, it is no wonder that Rosette is so artistic and inspired to produce the art as she does. The artist, photographer, wine farmer, businesswoman and mother has being doing it all for years!
She was educated at Tulbagh school and then went on to obtain her degree in Domestic Science at Stellenbosch University in 1974. She lectured there in 1975 and thereafter devoted the rest of her adult life to the Theuniskraal family Wine Estate, her art, her photography, her children and her family. With her zest for life, her energy, her enquiring mind and her natural artistic talents, it followed that Rosette would be involved as anyone could be, in Tulbagh, it's history and the community.
If you could meet this wonderful local 'Staatmaker' that she looks so young for her age! It must be the wine from the family wine estate that keeps her so dynamic and so young!
In 1979 she won the first prize in S.A. for a painted silk scarf and also won several other prizes for embroidery and knitting.  She was soon to be a teacher and gave classes in creative embroidery. in 1982, she had an exhibition of her works at Cavendish Square in Claremont and this was followed by her own book 'Skeppende Boduurwerk'. During the process of the publishing of her book, Rosette observed the photographer and then she was determined to do that too! So she started photography and soon became a correspondent for the Burger newspaper, where over the years she has accomplished much and had a number of front page and other photos published. In this process, she was able to impart knowledge of Tulbagh and the valley onto so many people, especially with regards to nature, historic and agricultural aspects of the valley.
 In the early eighties, she started selling postcards of Tulbagh and Ceres and she is already busy with her forth batch and has sold over 40000 so far. The postcards did much to spread knowledge of Tulbagh to the outside world. In 1993 she completed another book. This time her literary and photographic skills were focused on the history of the Church in Tulbagh.

Twice the Burger published pictures of paintings that she had done of the wonderful old houses in Tulbagh and she won further accolades and prizes with he photography including for advertising (Nestle') and even won a camera in a competition in the Worcester Standard.
Over the years, she has photographed over 300 bridal couples and is sought after locally as the photographer for practically all the special occasions such as weddings, 21st Birthdays,  Matric Dances, Graduations, Festivals etc.
She is to be seen at numerous wedding and other functions taking photos and sometimes you might even see her riding around the valley on her four wheel motorcycle between her interests at Theuniskraal and the guest establishment that she manages at the beautiful Kleinfontein mountain farm.
This highly talented daughter of the valley, is one that the residents of Tulbagh and the valley are no doubt extremely proud of.

Rosette can be contacted at : Tel. +27 23 2300690 : Fax. +27 23 2302777, Mobile +27 78 234 3382, or you can get hold of her by e-mail at