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Every place has a story to tell! The valley is no different from anywhere else.
There are interesting topics of news about this and about that, reflecting the pulse of the community and the issues that we face that impact upon our daily lives.
It is intended here to report on newsworthy items and topics of interest and for this page to act as a Local information Board

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7 September, 2013
The Tulbagh Housing crisis explained by Councillor John Veschini. It is virtulally impossible to explain it right now but click the link below and watch it all unfold?

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17 June 2013
New Coalition in Governance in the Witzenberg Municipal Local Council. New Coalition in Governance in the Witzenberg Municipal Local Council. As a result, Councillor John Veschini has the Portfolio of Chairperson of the Committee of Technical, Planning and Development and as such has automatically given up the position as Chairperson of the MPAC oversight committee as no member of Mayco may Chair such a committee. A  new Chairperson will be elected in due course

18 May, 2013
Clr. John Veschini withdraws his resignation as Chairperson of the MPAC Oversight Committee.
The councilor is now satisfied that his message got through and all efforts are now being taken to take this position seriously. So back on the job as our 'Ombudsman'?

12 May, 2013
A report on the situation regarding the major road contracts and ancillary works being undertaken in Tulbagh by the VIP Councillor John Veschini who witnessed the excavations taking place for the storm water piping below the roads under reconstruction and he determined that the sub strata was almost pure clay. It seemed apparent to the Councillor that the new roads were about to be reinstated on the existing `inadequate' sub-base. He then requested that laboratory tests be undertaken and the results be submitted to the Technical Portfolio Committee and the road works appeared to come to a stop for a while?

6 May, 2013
Clr. John Veschini of the Voice of Independents Party resigns as Chairperson of the MPAC Oversight Committee

Essentially, his reasoning is that this position (as seemingly with most matters on Council) has and is not being taken seriously, whereas this should have been a crucial portfolio for the betterment of Council and the Administration..

26 April, 2013
The ANC boycotts a Special Council Meeting where two new Dirctors were to be appoint as a replacement - the Director of Community Services, who's contract was not to be renewed and the Director of Finance. Both these posts are vitally important. The former due to the Housing crisis in Tulbagh and the latter because we have to approve the Budget at the end of May and the finances of the Municipality have to be looked after?

18 February, 2013

THE VIP - Voiceofindependentsparty.co.za's Executive decides whether it should go into coalition with any Party to take over the Local Council.

30 January, 2013
By-Election held in Ward 10 (op Die Berg) results. This is the breakdown of the results which have cause some surprises?
And the Winner is - Piet Waterboer now with the ANC (having party hopped agian after winning under the DA banner previously). Unconfirmed results are as follows;
ANC 702 votes, an Independent represented by Neville Daniels and using a Khoi-San platform got 483 votes, DA  was only third to the finish line with 391 votes and followed by another Independent by the name of Moses Davids with 41 votes and yet another Independent, Sarie Botha with 39 Votes and the last in the pack was Mark Mentoor with 17 votes. Now this was a supprise was it not? In all the Independents got 539 votes? That was even more that the DA could muster? What does the result tell us? Are people GATVOL of the major political Parties to the point that they go Independent and split the vote?

29 January, 2013
Motion tabled by the VIP - Voice of Independents Party Set no. 12
Urgent request to be tabled at the first forthcoming General meeting of the Witzenberg Municipal Council. Regarding street numbers and roads and associated infrastructure.

19 November, 2012
Clr John Veschini of the VIP Party submits Motion to Council - (Set No. 11) - The VIP requests the policy regarding the acceptance of new consumers is reconsidered. Currently, should their be an amount owed to the Municipality by a previous consumer, our municipality refuses to allow a new consumer to pay his or her deposit and register properly as a consumer. This policy is causing chaos due mainly to the fact that by the very fact that the Municipality closes its books before the end of the month and tenants generally move in and out of premises on the last day of the month and therefore there is always an amount owed by a previous tenant.

3 September, 2012
Clr John Veschini of the VIP Party, submits Motion to Council - Set No. 10

25 July, 2012

Has crime eventually reached Tulbagh? THE SAPS says it has not the members do do foot patrols? Why SAPS Tulbagh, is your Reservist force NOT functioning? Who is responsible for this. We or you? We want protection from crime! That is your responsibility!
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1 July, 2012
Our Witzenberg Municipality is in recess for the mid year school holidays? I ask you with tears in my eyes? Now the Councillors are taking the same holidays as teachers an being paid for it? I mean, what are we as Ratepayers paying for?

27 June, 2012
John Veschini submits comments regarding the application for the Draft Environmental Impact Assessment Report (DEIR) in respect of the proposed development bu L'Eritage Nouveau Development Company (Pty) Ltd and Dalskroon Development Company (Pty) Ltd : Proposed Country Estate (Wavrenskroon) on Portion 18 and 29 of Farm Kruys Valley 187 and the remainder of Farm 187, Tulbagh.

13 June, 2012
Urgent Motion (Set no. 9) - VIP - Voice of Independents Party. Relating to the make up of the current Portfolio Committees  on the witzenberg Council.

19 May, 2012
Councillor John Veschini of the VIP - Voice of Independents Party,  comments on the Witzenberg Municipality's, IDP, draft Budget and draft Tariff Policy 2012 /2015.

25 April, 2012
Councillor John Veschini of the VIP - Voice of Independents Party, have pleasure is announcing that our efforts have resulted in farmers obtaining a 'mixed zoning'. For those farmers who have a business element on their farms, you will pay for a 'split zoning'. In other words, you will pay for normal business Rates for the business element only (Agri 2) and the farming element will be classed as Agri 1 (normal agricultural rates).

25 April, 2012
Councillor John Veschini of the VIP - Voice of Independents Party, has pleasure in informing the Ratepayers and Residents of Tulbagh that the Kleinberg / Tulbagh water augmentation pipeline has all but been completed and water (albeit a miniscule amount considering the fact that the first winter rains have not yet fallen) is now flowing into the Tulbagh storage dam. So now we can expect that soon the moratorium on subdivisions will be lifted and our water needs for the medium term (say 20 years) will be catered for.

20 April, 2012
A resident of Chris Hani, living in a shack and waiting for her house to be built, makes a donation of R1000.00 to the VIP in appreciation for the efforts of her Councillor thus far and for her love for the VIP Party. Makes one think doesn't it?

20 April, 2012
Councillor John Veschini of the VIP - Voice of Independent Party, has pleasure in informing the public that the Kleinberg / Tulbagh water augmentation pipeline, will be pressure tested this weekend and if all meets with expectations, the pipeline will be opened for Tulbagh to commence receiving water into our dam.
Our water problems are surely solved for the medium term - say next 20 years?

13 April, 2012
A local resident creates much confusion with an email and on her FB page, due to her 'discovery' only now,  that remporary shacks are been erected on serviced erven. Councillor John Veschini of the VIP explained the position to her but it all seems to fall on deaf ears?. The fact of the matter is that these unfortunate people who have been living in shacks for almost the past ten years are to be given houses when they are built but had to be relocated in the interim in order that the Civil contract can proceed and serviced sites be developed where they were living previous to now. All are on the housing list. They are not new arrivals. They will move to their alocated houses when they are ready. Where they are being temporaily housed will have houses built on them and the shacks will be demolished as the people move to their new houses.
The VIP published the planning for this development some months back and it is there for all to see. Bear in mind that we will still have a some squatter shacks that cannot be accommodated in this project. It will now be for us to be vilgilant and to ensure that no further unautorised shacks are erected no matter what, whether in the area left for those who cannot be accommodated or even in backyards in Witzenville. Your assistance in this regard will be appreciated.

10 March, 2012
VIP - Voice of Independents Party submits Urgent Motion to Council (Set no. 8). Regards the extention of the Contracts of both the Municipal Manager and the Director of Corporate Services on the principle that all positions on Council should be advertised.

7 March, 2012
An elderly woman from Chris Hani, fell head first into an open sewer (the manhole cover was removed some time ago) and the manhole was covered mostly by grass, so she couldn't see it). The woman died of lung complications as a result of her face being emersed in the sewerage (or whatever was in that manhole). Due to the communication to the Municipality by the VIP, a concrete cover was placed over the Manhole but it was too late to save the life of this unfortunate elderly woman. The VIP extends its condolences to the family of the the unfortunate resident.

5 March, 2012

In ten months, the DA has not put forward one single Motion to Council. All the DA has achieved, is to use its voting power to obstruct most of the efforts of the rest of the Councillors on Council. (If one of the DA votes with the opposition, they stand to face a disciplinary committee).  In 10 months, John Veschini of the VIP Party, has only seen four instances whereby a DA Councillor voted with (his or her head, or heart) instead of being 'shackled' by their 'bosses' outside of Tulbagh). It is simply not good enough! It is perhaps time the DA moved aside and let the other Parties manage the governance on the Witzenberg and really deliver? Why anyone could have voted for the DA in the Local Government elections is "incomprehensible" to John Veschini of the VIP. Was it plain and simple a 'Swart Gevaar' problem'? As the Leader of the DA says often, "you get the Governance you deserve"? Well it appears as though you have it now?

13 February, 2012
Councillor John Veschini - VIP Party submits motions (Set no. 7) to the Witzenberg Municipality. (Relates to contingent liabilities that are not provided for in the budget).
13 February, 2012

Councillor John Veschini - VIP Party submits motions (Set no. 6) to the Witzenberg Municipality. (Relates to the state of the Klip River Park and the danger to the public).

22 January, 2012
Councillor John Veschini - VIP Party submits motions (Set no. 5) to the Witzenberg Municipality. (Relates to the seemingly innability of the DA ruling party coalition to appreciate that if we dont have development, there will not be an increased rates base and if we don't have an increased Rates base, you and I will pay more than we should in the next financial year).

17 January, 2012
Councillor John Veschini sent a letter to the Witzenberg Municipality about Library hours. It has been brought to my attention from a number of sources in various entities of the Witzenberg that some people are dissatisfied with that fact that Libraries are not open on at least a Saturday morning. In all cases the motivation for this is that adults mostly work throughout the week and therefore have no access to a library when they have the opportunity to visit one - only to find the facility closed.

My suggestion is that arrangements are made with the staff of libraries to take hours off on a Friday and fill same in on a Saturday morning? Scholars will not be under pressure if they miss out on a Friday afternoon for assignments that they have to prepare for on the following Monday as long as they have an opportunity to do at least on a Saturday morning. This arrangement will satisfy all ages? We have to cater for the working adults too as it is the right thing to do?

6 January, 2012
Yet another two timber temporary shacks burnt to the ground in Tulbagh in the last week. The firefighters arived when it was all but over.
The VIP Party has already raised this issue of our apparent tardy fire fighting capabilities with the Municipality in its last Motions (Set no. 4)

16 December, 2011
Councillor John Veschini of the VIP - Voice of Independents Party wishes all a merry Christmas and a prosperous and healthy new year and grateful thanks for your support during this past year. We achieved a lot so far but there is more work to be done. You are assured that we will be looking after your interests during 2012.

22 December, 2011
Councillor John Veschini - VIP - Voice of independents Party and Councillor at the Witzenberg Municipaliy, publishes the latest salary or remuneration packages  of the Councillots, those who are permanent (in other words in the full emloyment of the Municipality and those who are part time Councillors - who probably do just as much work as the full time Councillors for their community, or more?) - just for the information of the public.

14 December, 2011
Results of Council deliberations about the motions of the VIP achieved something.  The most notable decision was that bids will be called for in respect of a possible long term lease of a defined area which includes the Klip River Park in its present form with a bit of space for expansion. After 10 years of losses, and procrastination, Council finally came to its senses! The bidder may also be given an opportunity to acquire extra land?  It was agreed that the surrounding land will be defined and dealt with separately for alienation provided that at least one piece of land will be set aside as a picnic spot for the community and will include a public pool to replace that which is inside the defined area to be leased with the Klip River Park.  

In respect of the  motion regarding the donation of land for Huis Disa Old age home, the matter will be work shopped as there are implications regarding Councils land disposal policy which will now be work shopped before a decision can be made. The VIP is optimistic that a positive decision will be made after the 'nitty gritties' have been resolved. For an update on what happened in respect of the other motions look at the comments below the motions themselves.

22 November, 2011
VIP - Voice of Independents Party submits its Motions to the Witzenberg Municipal Council - Set No. 3

22 November, 2011
Councillor John Veschini of the VIP - Voice of Independents Party, submits an urgent  Motion for the forthcoming Council meeting requesting information from the Municipality of the Witzenberg as to the extent (of the possible liability to the Municipality and therefore the Rate Payer) in respect of legal cases pending against the Municipality - which are understood to substantially exceed R20 million! A letter written by the Councillor to the Municipal Manager on 23rd August, 2011, requesting details have to date been ignored.  Given the fact that we are heading for a new budget year, it is critical to be prepared for any contingencies and know the details of the cases for decisions to be made? Surely?

21 November, 2011
Councillor John Veschini of the VIP - Voice of Independents Party, is becoming increasingly concerned about the fact that the DA led Municipal Council does not appear to do enough to encourage development.  In the VIP motion to Council on 12 July, 2011, this very same concern was raised including the formation of a sub-committee for the purpose of evaluating the potential for development within the Municipality, assessing approved developments and establishing what the Municipality can do to accelerate the process of development. It should be very clear to Council, that Rates, Service Charges and Tariffs have reached a point whereby they have become unreasonably punitive to the Ratepayer, Consumer and Resident. An expanded Rates base is critical to wealth creation and a sense of contentment by the Ratepayer and the Consumer. The Councillor believes that the Consumer and the Ratepayer are paying enough and any increases that are proposed for 2012 will be vigorously opposed.
In the VIP's first Motion to Council, it was suggested that a Sub Committee be formed to investigate and do what is necessary to accelerate development to ensure that the Municipality increases its Rates revenue and Service Charge base without having to come to the existing Ratepayers and Consumers for more increases beyond which are already past the affordability level. No such Sub-Committee was formed to date and quite a few developments are stalled for what ever reason (which the VIP will elaborate on further in due course).

18 November, 2011
Provision of land for further expansion of the Tulbagh Huis Disa Old Age home. - Written requests have been made by Huis Disa for the Municipality to donate Erf 23 (which lies adjacent to Huis Disa) to the Old Age Home. The Home is filled to capacity and has no land for expansion. The VIP requests that a decision by Council must be made on this matter as the extra land is sorely needed for an expanding aged population. This was part of an urgent Motion to Council on 12 July, 2011. No decision has yet been made - 4 months later. In fact it has not even been tabled at the relevant committee for discussion?

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14 November, 2011
Councillor John Veschini of the VIP - Voice of Independents Party submits his final proposals for the consideration of Council for a decision on the future of the Tulbagh Klip River Park. It is hoped that Council will finally come to this decision after near on 10 years of procrastination and community participatory consultative meetings. The Park currently loses over R800,000 per annum (not including the cost of maintenance. Council is surely aware of the losses and is aware of the sentiments of the public by now?

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10 November, 2011
Councillor John Veschini of the VIP - Voice of Independents Party voices concern to the Witzenberg Council about a possible water crisis for Tulbagh this summer.

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7 November, 2011
Councillor John Veschini of the VIP - Voice of Independents Party is not happy about an apparent superfluous DA Portfolio Committee of Rural and Economic Development and Planning, the manner in which that portfolio committee is being managed and the fact that the Portfolio Chairperson appears to be running his own law practice whilst he is supposed to be a full time Councillor and a member of the Mayoral Executive Committee. That means the Ratepayer is paying his salary as a full time Councillor and he is possibly running his business in Council time? Is this not against the Code of Conduct for Councillors and if so, why is the DA condoning this situation?

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12 October, 2011
Councillor John Veschini of the VIP - Voice of Independents Party, has pleasure in advising the public of the dates of all Committee meetings and the Council Meetings for October and November. Any members of the public are entitled to attend in teems of legislation but may not partake in the discussions. If any matters are held in committee, the public will be obliged to leave the meeting.

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5 October, 2011
Councillor John Veschini of the VIP - Voice of Independents Party, differs substantially with the DA ruling Party of the Witzenberg Municipality over the proposed amendments to the 'Adjustment of Indigent and Credit Control Policies' of the Witzenberg Municipal Council.

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24 September, 2011
This is the very same Minister who upheld his decision to allow an airstrip to be constructed 100m from  one of two residential developments and in the flypath of the other (the Sagtervlei Lifestyle Village and the Digby development), which the same Provincial Department approved about two years ago. And, by his latest actions in the process, he has determined that the sustainability of the much needed Rates and job enhancing potential for Tulbagh and the Witzenberg Municipality have now been placed in jeopardy. When you look at the website, click on the Noseweek links also? You will be enlightened as to what Politics do to Local Government, as well and the possible or apparent bungling of the DA in the Western Cape Platterland and Coastal towns?

From Oudtshooren online!
"The Ministry of Silly Decisions!!"

20 September, 2011
Clr. John Veschini of the VIP - Voice of Independents Party commends the Witzenberg Municipal Manager and his administration. From what the Councillor has observed, the administration has adaquately qualified and dilligent management.
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18 September, 2011
The DA Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs, Development and Planning, Mr. Anton Bredell,  responds to the Letter written to him by Councillor John Veschini of the VIP - Voice of Independents Party in respect of the appeal against the airstrip. In his letter he gives many reasons why the appeal were not considered (as where at least the appeals of at least four other parties including the Witzenberg Municipality) but he does not of course tell us why he approved the Airstrip which will negatively affect the chances of success of most needed developments in the first place? It is not amazing how decisions are made in Cape Town for Tulbagh and how one sphere of Government appears to work against the interests of another? The letter is added to the correspondence for general information. Is this airstrip sound planning? Does the one hand know what the other hand is doing? Why did we have to be placed in a position to have to appeal against a decision like this in the first place? You be the judge?

7 September, 2011
Councillor John Veschini of the VIP - Voice of Independents Party, writes a letter to the Provincial Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs, Development and Planning. The minister declined to consider the appeals by numerous members of the community of Tulbagh regarding his decision to allow an airstrip to be constructed adjacent to approved developments and the town of Tulbagh. Full text of the correspondence available for the information of the public.

1 September, 2011
Clr. John Veschini of the VIP - Voice of Independents Party, requests information from the Municipality of the Witzenberg on 23rd August, 2011, regarding legal cases which the Municipality are involved with and which may have substantial financial implications for the Ratepayer of the Witzenberg.  As of today's date the Councillor has not had a response. More to follow if the Councillor does not get a satisfatory answer?

25 August, 2011
Clr. John Veschini of the VIP - Voice of Independents Party provides details of Capital Projects underway or planed in the Witzenberg Municipality for the period 2011 to 2012 for public knowledge. Cashflow projection as well as photos of the Township development's of Phase, 1, 2 and 3 of  the Low Cost hosting project with project details overlaid for Tulbagh.

21 August, 2011
Latest intended route of the 765kv power line published for general information.

16 August, 2011
The VIP Party submits an urgent motion to the Witzenberg Municipal Council that a motion be tabled as a matter of urgency at the next Council meeting, to the effect that; All `Delegations' to anyone, any department, (the granting of delegated powers to anyone to commit Council to expenditure (such as appointments of consultants, attorneys, advocates, contractors etc.) which the ratepayer basically pays for) over the limit of a maximum of R5,000, be suspended with immediate effect, unless the Mayor approves same or such `Delegations' have been approved by a full and duly constituted meeting of  the Witzenberg Municipal Council.

13 July, 2011
The VIP Party submits motions for the July Council meeting (Motion set No. 2).

12 July, 2011
The VIP Party submits motions for the July Council meeting (Motion set No. 1).

2 July, 2011
It appears as though the public of Tulbagh, as well as the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (“DEA&DP”) have been mislead?
Why should there bean approval for an illegal use of an airstrip so close to Tulbagh, so as to be a total noise nuisance and a threat to proposed developments when the same applicant has had another perfectly acceptable airfield that has bee used for YEARS and is still being used currently?
This is not fair!! How can the DEA&DP approve the illegal use without first checking the facts? The original airstrip is sufficiently far away from the town so as not to bother anyone in the town or affect development that is so sorely needed! Do you wish to see the photos and the facts? click below.  Do you feel you should appeal this decision? Email the webmaster at info@tulbagh.net to get the documents sent to you. Time is of the essence to get your Appeal in on time!!

28 June, 2011
In terms of Section 24 (G) and by virtue of the powers conferred on the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (“DEA&DP”) by the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998) (“NEMA”), as amended, the Department has granted environmental authorisation on 21 June 2011 for the abovementioned proposed activity, subject to the conditions of approval. Attached are the reasons for this decision. In short it means that the continued use of the airstrip for agricultural and emergency purposes has been approved. Anyone wishing to appeal against this decision must do so withing 20 days of the Minister's decision on 22 June. Click below for further information of the decision and how to appeal the decision. It seems like one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing in these government departments? Now the air strip will most certainly destroy any chance of development of the Lifestyle Village and Golf Estate with the sound of the aircraft puting of the buyers. Whats more we can be assured that the power lines will be lit up at night?

20 June, 2011
The IEC apprroves  the substitution of John Veschini in place of Sofia (Maina) Joubert as a Proportional Councillor on the Witzenberg Municipality.  The VIP is now on Council.
9 June, 2011

Tulbagh looses its eight year old fight to prevent the first mega power line corridor from traversing this valley. There will ultimately be two such approx. 50 metre high power lines in that corridor and now there is the prospect of the Bantams Klip / Kappa power lines coming this way too. National Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, Ms. B Molewa, approved the powerline on 7 June 2011. One of the immediate implications of the Minister’s decision is that, in accordance with the Minister’s original Record of Decision dated 12 June 2006, Eskom may now commence with construction activities of the proposed transmission line, but must do so in compliance with all of the conditions contained in that Record of Decision. The consultants and Eskom still apparently refuse to provide a photo of the new route for public consumption despite requests to do so.
21 May, 2011

The VIP - Voice of Independents Party makes its assessment of the Local Government Elections of 18 May, 2011
21 May, 2011

The Local Government Elections in South Africa went off smoothly and was judged to be free and fair. On a local level, there was much excitement and a fantastic sprit between the party's to make it a memorable occasion. There were of course surprises but more of that later? A few photos were taken of the locals doing their thing. Results are also available for general information.

2 May, 2011
The Witzenberg Municipality has approved their Budget on 20 April, 2011 and did not even consider (or even circulate to Councillors) any of the comments made in the comment letter (which they invited as part of the process) and they had until 31 May, 2011 to adopt the Budget! One must now seriously consider whether the two main political parties, the ANC and the DA as well as the NPP (a small Party - in coalition with the ANC, which has enabled the ANC to be in power) and the officials of the Municipality are in complicity for (all for their own reasons) in rushing the adoption of this Budget approval at the detriment of the Tulbagh ratepayer and resident despite that so many towns all over the country have until 31 May to above their budgets?.  You know your local government? Why did they have to rush the adoption of the budget? You be the judge as to who the driving it for their own ends?
18 April, 2011

Ratepayer and resident, encumbent Chairperson of TRIF (Tulbagh Residents and Inwoners Forum) and current Interim Leader of the VIP - Voice of Independents Party submits comments of the Witzenberg Draft Budget for 2011 to 2012. Are small towns amalgamated with the large towns such as in our case Tulbagh with Ceres, beneficial to our Ratepayers?

14 April, 2011
Are people fed up with the major Political parties? - Makes one wonder if the assumption that we are right in our belief that generally people are fed up with the performance of the larger Parties at Local Government level and are demanding their own public representatives chosen by them to represent them of their respective Councils? Check out the number of Parties in each province as well as the number of Independents who registered with the IEC?

13 April, 2011
PROPOSED 765 KV ESKOM TRANSMISSION (POWER) LINE BETWEEN KAPPA AND OMEGA SUBSTATIONS : TOUWSRIVIER AT THE PLATFONTEIN OUTSPAN TO MELKBOSSTRAND THROUGH THE TULBAGH, UPPER WITZENBERG AND CERES VALLIES (The large power lines - (probably two sets) of those monstrous power lines through the corridor which TRIF, ETLAC and others have been opposing since 2003).


12 April, 2010
The political Parties list their Proportional Party lists for the 2011 Local Government election. Generally, this means that if a Ward Councillor fails, there is always a chance for those who have not been the No. 1 choice of their Parties, or who have not the guts to stand forward as a Ward candidate, may just get a chance at second place and depending on the number of votes achieved by their Parties, they may get in as Proportional Councillors.

12 April, 2011
Witzenberg Ward Candidates approved by the IEC on 12 April, 2011.  See who are to be the Ward Candidates for the Local Government Elections on 18 May, 2011 and which Party they represent? Makes one wonder why so many Parties are fielding candidates? Maybe, people are just sick and tired of Big Party 'political power games'? Have there EVER been so many Parties in SA's democratic history? Has there ever been clear evidence that people need change? Check out  how some of the Parties simply put names for Ward candidates in half a dozen Wards. How can they possibly serve those Wards? See how their Parties have 'deployed' or 'appointed' them tp Wards which they don't even live in?  See others which you (or anyone else) has not even heard of in the communityf? See who are to be the Ward Candidates for the Local Government Elections on 18 May, 2011 - check out their backgrounds?

5 April, 2011
How our community suffers in the most degrading of circumstances! This link will lead to a sense of awareness as to how the poorest of the poor have been exploited by the major Political parties for their votes and nothing else? These pictures depict the squalor and grossly unhygienic circumstances that some of our community are forced to live under. The chickens eat and drink from these polluted run-off's and streams, the children play in this! Ask yourselves one question? Can you trust any of the major political parties for your vote? Let's face it, they have  ample opportunity to reveal to us what we are paying for and how many more generations it will take for them to do the right thing?

15 January, 2011
The V.I.P (Voice of independendents Party) has a new website.
The need for an Independent Political Party to represent voters, residents and ratepayers in towns all over the country, has become apparent due to the undue negative influence on Local Governance that the Larger Political Parties have. This dominance of and the continuous in-fighting and power struggles which are occurring all over the country at Local Government level, does not benefit the communities of the towns and villages in terms of service delivery. While they are paying their political games, the municipalities are becoming dysfunctional. In the case of the Witzenberg Municipality, the Council has not been able to function for about three months due to there being no Mayor and Mayoral Executive Council. Then finally, the one large Party (the ANC) got 'into bed' with a smaller Party and they managed to convene a Council meeting to elect their Mayor (from the smaller Party) and their Mayoral Executive Council and then..... they went into their 'seasonal' recess!! All this time Mr. or Mrs. Ratepayer, you have been paying the Salaries of these 'don't care a damb' Councillors! So what do we do about it? We MUST get our own people elected to be OUR public representatives. They MUST be accountable to us. They must not be Large Party 'cadre deployments' or 'appointees. They must reside in our municipality.
There must be no more jobs for the 'pals; or the loyalists of these large Parties.!!  We have come up with a solution which we believe will work!  

8 December, 2010
ETLAC and TRIF lodge comments again (both letters are identical) about the two parallel 765kv Power Lines that Eskom seems intent upon bringing across this lovely valley in terms of the Phase 2 Heritage Impact Assessment for the Gamma - Kappa Transmission Line

24 November, 2010
Meeting of the community of Tulbagh supports the formation of a new Party which will contest the forthcoming Local Government elections as Independents. Interim Executive Council elected to manage the process forward.  Interim Party Leader is John Veschini, Chairperson is Theo Lombard, Deputy Chairperson is Wendy Beyers, Secretary is Peal Gain, Assistant Secretary is Patricia Noko, Treasurer is Norman Collins. Additional committee members are Lingesile Hoko, Charles Ngwenya, Sarah Lewis, Janetta Muphoto, Maina Joubert, Piet Klink and Tiaan Fredericks. Name of the Party to be announced in due course.

17 November, 2010
DA Councillor, Maina Joubert resigns form the Democratic Alliance and as a Witzenberg Councillor. It was a heartbreaking decision.
11 November, 2010
John Veschini makes a decision to leave the Democratic Alliance Party on Wednesday 11 November, 2010 ahead of the Local Government elections.  He made the decision to leave the DA in the interests of hiscommunity. It was a heart rendering decision and came about after three years of frustration and growing doubts as to whether the DA could govern effectively in the Witzenberg and had the capacity to deliver services to the community.
27 October, 2010
TRIF, the Tulbagh branch of the DA  and other interested and affected parties, lodge comments in support of the proposed Waverenskoon and Dulskroon developments which are the subject of an EIA application.
20 October, 2010
ETLAC and TRIF requests a dedicated stakeholder meeting between all the current consultants and all affected Tulbagh communities to enable the consultants to present their findings in the appropriate form i.e. with appropriately detailed visuals (and to give us an opportunity to interrogate their findings and presentations).
19 October, 2010
TRIF makes comments against the proposed Gamma Kappa 765kv HIA application yet again.
19 October, 2010
ETLAC makes comments against the proposed Gamma Kappa 765kv HIA application yet again.
18 October, 2010
Minutes of a meeting of TRIF (Tulbagh Ratepayers / Inwoners Forum published for information
18 October, 2010
The Tulbagh has Talent show was held on 16 October 2010 and it was a resounding success and a most entertaining evening. Any contestants wishing to have prints or enlargements done can get them from Norman Collins of 'On the Wall' next to Tulbagh Hotel.
2 October, 2010
The Tulbagh Gay modeling show held on 2 October, 2010 was a great success. Not only were the models aptly dressed, they were also good models and the audience loved them.
2 October, 2010
Local Correctional Services sets and example to the Municipality by using prisoners to clean up Van der Stel Street. Some lovely photos of the prisoners cleaning the street and trying to 'steal' the one and only Lamborgini sports car in the street at the time
See more
2 September, 2010
2 September, 2010
TRIF (Tulbagh Ratepayers and Inwoners Forum) had a most successful meeting with the Witzenberg Municipality. The composition of the meeting was 5 members of the TRIF committee, the Municipal Manager and all his officials. Topic of discussion was the many issues facing Tulbagh that TRIF was concerned about.  A further meeting is planned for November. This bodes well for increased communication and it was clear to the delegates from TRIF that a new spirit of cooperation and a willingness to please by the Municipality. There will be more to follow once the minutes of the meeting have beeen received.
1 September, 2010
Municipality seems intent of discouraging business and thus the creation of sustainable jobs. Now a small business has to fork out R123.45 for Refuse collection, R114.98 for Sewerage and now a new tarriff of R263.34 for the 'Prepaid Meter' (which the owner /developer had to purchase) - per month!!! The same tariff applies to large and small businesses equally.  Then the small business has to purchase his electricity on top of that. That means before a small businessman can get to pay his rent and start trading he has to fork out R501.77 plus his electricity! - Plus VAT?
26 August, 2010
Positive things are beginning to happen in Tulbagh. The destruction of the heritage of Tulbagh has seemingly started to reverse itself with upgrades of historical buildings by private individuals taking place in Van der Stel Street and other tasteful buildings being constructed elsewhere. This is a notable initiative by the local owners who reveal their sensitivity to their community, the architectural heritage of Tulbagh and indicative as to how proud they are of their own properties.
17 August, 2010
Tulbagh has started a Music Recording Club. Some locals have done some some recordings and they are quite worth listening to.
21 July, 2010
After a Public meeting on the future of Klipriver Caravan Park/Reseort, a resident makes a proposal on a possible scenario to sell off  the Klipriver Park and create a picnic spot for the community. Brief notes on the meeting taken and public invited to comment further.
9 July, 2010
Why does Tulbagh have to be so full of litter that it causes blockages in the storm water system and damage to property? It appears that Elands Bay has the answer?
6 July 2010
TRIF requests a meeting with the Municipality to discuss the many issues facing Tulbagh
30 June, 2010
Saronsberg Theatre - Legendry Blues Bros. performing  10 July, 2010. Book now!
30 June, 2010
Saronsberg Theatre invite to local artists
Saronsberg Theater invites all local indigenous artists and sculptors that there is an opportunity to present and sell their works without fee. Artworks will be subject to a grading system.
30 June 2010
Tulbagh Has Talent.  Saronsberg Theatre is looking for Tulbagh residents to present their entertaining talents / acts sometime in October at the Saronsberg Theatre. A cash prize will be awarded.
23 June, 2010
TRIF Committee minutes of 4 May, 2010 published for general information.
23 June, 2010
Municipality has to be reminded yet again that letters regarding the state of the roads in Tulbagh remain unanswered since 14 January, 2010. TRIF again requests some sort of program of rehabilitation of the roads of the town and replies to correspondence. Emails on the subject available for viewing.
27 May, 2010
Youth Centre Chris Hani - TRIF has to remind the Municipality that an email (considered to be of a serious and important matter) sent on 14 April, 2010 has yet to be responded to. Is this the way the public should be treated?
25 May, 2010
Comments made by Tulbagh Ratepayer in respect of the Witzenberg Municipality's Annual Budget Review (2010 -2011). Does commenting even make a difference?
21 May, 2010
Email letter sent to the Municipal Manager of the Witzenberg Municipality about the level of maintenance of Municipal Property in Wolseley - in this case the public Swimming Pool!!
See the shocking state of the once utilized pool!
17 May, 2010
TRIF Committee minutes of 23 March, 2010 published for information. Included is a list of issues that affect Tulbagh.
10 May, 2010
Sharks Bikers Rally - Have a look at the Bikers in action in the main street of Tulbagh (Van der Stel Street) on 1 May, 2010 on YouTube and you judge for yourself as to whether you agree that this is NOT the sort of event we should encourage for Tulbagh?
7 May, 2010
Da Branch Committee Minutes of 25 March 10.
Minutes published for general information.
27 April, 2010
The state of the water reticulation in Tulbagh is so bad that pipe bursts occur all the time - sometimes twice a week!  Email sent to Witzenberg Municipality from TRIF to draw their attention to the fact.
26 April, 2010
Mail written to Witzenberg Municipality about the level of service at the Tulbagh Library (Ou Dorp)
26 April, 2010
TRIF lodges a complaint to the Municipality about the non-response by the Ambulance Service in an emergency. Turns out to be a Provincial Service. Municipality takes the matter up with the Provincial authority concerned.
23 April, 2010
The Sharks Bikers Rally goes ahead despite opposition from the community? T.R.I.F. Comments made by TRIF in respect of the latest developments.
16 April, 2010
Yet another fire destroys a shack in the informal settlement of Chris Hani. TRIF urges the Municipality to take action to provide fire hydrants, stop illegal electrical connections and get a proper electrical reticulation and connection system  in place which the residents of the shackland can connect to legally.
16 April, 2010
Residents are beginning to notice where the lack of adaquate housing for our over 2000 people waiting for same is leading us to in Tulbagh. See exchange of emails between the TRIF Chairperson and a concerned resident.
14 April, 2010
TRIF voices concerns in an urgent email to the Witzenberg Municipality that earthworks have begun for a 'Youth Centre' being built alongside the Crèche in Station Road, Hani withouth the project ever have been part of a Public Participation process. Municipality requested to explain everything relating to the project
13 April, 2010
TRIF, the Tulbagh branch of the DA  and other interested and affected parties, lodge comments in respect of the proposed Waverenskoon and Dulskroon developments which are the subject of an EIA application.
10 April, 2010
Has it come to a point where the people of Tulbagh should decide of what sort of events and tourists should be attracted to this historical town?  TRIF takes a stand against the Bikers Rally
31 March, 2010
Another irate potential visitor to the Klipriver park vents her feelings to the Municipality about loosing her long weekend holiday due to the Park being 'unsafe'.
27 March, 2010
Email sent to Municipal Manager of the Witzenberg Municipality regarding possible irregularities with regards to the allocation of housing and the Housing Waiting List in Tulbagh
27 March, 2010
Email letter sent to the Municipal Manager of the Witzenberg Municipality about the level of maintenance of Municipal Property causing these assets to deteriorate.
23 March, 2010
The threat of disease looms in Tulbagh due to effluent in river and approximately 1 toilet per 60 people in the Informal Housing settlement of Chris Hani. Tulbagh.
23 March, 2010
Tulbagh Huis Disa  Old Age Home needs land for expansion. The Witzenberg Municipality is considering a request to Transfer adjacent land owned by the Municipality to the Old Age Home.
19 March, 2010
Apparently the Witzenberg Municipality appears to be rushing though the development of a Youth Centre without due community participation process and sound planning? Letter by ratepayer of tulbagh sent to a member of the Essen Municipality of Belgium which is allegedly funding or part funding the project, requesting that they put the project on hold until proper investigation as to what the community needs and where it need it is done.
19 March, 2010
Email received from Council in respect of email letter sent to Municipality requesting clarity on the issues that leads one to believe that the Witzenberg Municipality discourages development.  This mails is responded to and the owner/developer finally declares a dispute with the Municipality over charges which he beieves are not equitable and unjust.
10 March, 2010
Annual General Meeting of Tulbagh Ratepayers and Inwoners Forum (TRIF) published
9 March, 2010
State of Klip River Park (Municipal owned resort) - Visitor airs his views after his last visit. This promts further discussion...............
2 March, 2010
TRIF submits comments in terms of the application Proposed Airstrip : Rectification application for the illegal construction of an airstrip on farm 417 Grootvlei, Tulbagh.
2 March, 2010
State of the roads in Tulbagh - Photos added of all of the roads in Tulbagh showing signs of deterioration or completely destroyed.
26 February, 2010
The Consumer accounts saga - Witzenberg Municipal Manager allegedly refuses to accept a Court order to accept a new consumer on a property with debt existing from a previous consumer? This matter is being closely monitored. Is this another example of arrogance and intransigence by the Municipality towards the Ratepayer?  More to follow............
25 February, 2010
Tulbagh to get 72 low cost houses in Chris Hani. Contract to start soon. A small start in adressing the housing needs of the community is being made - in excess of another 1900 units to go? More to follow............
24 February, 2010
The Consumer accounts Saga - Witzenberg Municipality still takes a stand and will not allow a new consumer to register unless the Owner of the property pays any arrears that have been allowed to accumulate by tacit approval of the Municipality by a previous tenant at the predudice of the owner. Certain owners are contemplating obtaining Court Orders against the Municipality to force them to accept a new consumer irrespective of the debt of a previous consumer who has entered into a consumer contract with the Municipality. More to follow...........
24 February, 2010
TRIF AGM held - good turnout - new committee elected.
Executive consists of John Veschini - Chairperson, Neil de Jager - Deputy Chairperson, Ann Myburgh - Secretary, Dieter Haumann - Treasurer. Other committee members are Wendy Upcott, Norman Collins, Chris Myburgh, Theo Lombard and Gaynor Saaiman. More details to follow......
22 February, 2010
TRIF (Tulbagh Ratepaters and Inwoners Forum) - the way forward? Suggestions by John Veschini
19 February, 2010
Consumer accounts  - Is the Municipality finally going to come to its senses?
8 February, 2010
Bantamsklip Kappa Alternative route - Is the Consultant saying that ETLAC has not commented and as such the comments made not acknowledged?
3 February, 2010
Further email letter sent to Municipality requesting clarity on the issues that leads one to believe that the Witzenberg Municipality discourages development, as the previous email was not responded to.  
22 January, 2010
Comment submitted by ETLAC on the proposed additional Bantamsklip alternative power line that is now proposed to go through Gouda, and Wolseley on its way through the Tulbagh Valley. Yes, Another power  line proposal!
20 January, 2010
One example of a farmer in the Tulbagh Valley who more than cares for his workers and which should be an example to all!
12 January, 2010
Degeneration of the state of the roads in Tulbagh. See what the roads of this once proud town look like 10 years after Amalgamation with the Witzenberg Municipality.
7 January, 2010
How the Witzenberg Municipality manages it's consumer accounts.
5 January, 2010
The Witzenberg Municiplaity appears to discourage development in Tulbagh
15 November, 2009

Should you want to qualify for Government Grants/Loans to become a BEE farmer, read this document first so you know what the process is.

21 October, 2009
Eskom surprises Tulbagh with yet another proposed Power line!

Somehow and despite the fact that Eskom's Consultants suggest that the EIA process has involved community and interest group participation, this has not been the case in respect of these new alternatives and Gouda, Tulbagh and Wolseley residents and other interest groups have NOT been informed.

Then there is the matter of two seperate Consultants seemingly working happily along and both determining routes over each other's planned routes (765kv Cape Strengthening Project and Bantamsklip Kappa). It is almost as though the one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing?

No way will we accept this or any alternatives which impact on this valley.

What's more, this time we want to see a proper visual impact  assessment done with the power lines placed on a Google map so we can view the impact from any angle and at any height.

Now they expect us all to comment by Monday 26 October, 2009 on a complete new proposal??

Nothing less than 14 days AFTER we have been properly consulted as the communities of Gouda, Tulbagh and Wolseley, about both power lines, will we accept this date.

John Veschini

1 October, 2009
Delimitation of Ward Boundary process for the 2001 Local Government Elections has begun. A community consultation process will soon commence.  you can download the information and maps from www.demarcation.org.za click on “Ward delimitation” and then on “Western Cape. There are some crazy suggestions so you would be advised to see how the proposals may affect your Ward. Comments in a letter to the Municipal Manager by local resident as well as his proposed suggestions are available by clicking alongside.
1 September, 2009
Community consultation works? Developers and Ratepayers are closing the gap on their differing views on proposed encroachments
28 August, 2009
Municipality appears intent upon allowing a further encroachment over a boundary in Van der Stel Street
28 July, 2009
Witzenberg Municipal Land Audit - What the Municipality intends doing with all the Municipal land it owns.
25 June, 2009
Eskom 765kv Power line - latest update
22 April, 2009
Election Results Witzenberg
30 January, 2009
John Veschini of ETLAC was given an opportunity at last to address the Witzenberg Municipal Council of the proposed Eskom Power Line. Follow-up email to Municipal Manager is published for general information.
16 January, 2009
If anyone does not know where the existing airstrip that is used by the crop sprayers is, here it is - on a Google photo - with the intended power line going right over it.
16 January, 2009
It appears as though the Consultants working for Eskom in respect of the original EIA application and now the HIA, have either not done their homework or deliberately went about misleading (or not properly informing) the public.

Firstly, the visual impact of the the proposed power lines has been grossly understated. Secondly, no proper and realistic Critical Viewpoint Analysis was ever provided. Thirdly, it appears as though they have not taken cognisance of the Civil Aviation regulations (the colours of the power line supports, the lights of top of them and the bright orange balls on the lines!) . Forthly, the took no notice of the Protocol for dealing with EIA applications during the festive period as required or suggested by the Department of Environmental Affairs, Planning and Development.

Read below and agree or dissagree that perhaps there is good reason why the Record of Decision should in fact be overturned thus causing the current HIA application to be premature or too late?

16 January, 2009

Obstacle limitations and marking outside aerodrome or heliport
16 January, 2009
And more.......

Any communications structure, building or other structure, whether temporary or permanent, which has the potential to endanger aviation in navigable airspace,.............
16 January, 2009
So there are laws governing the marking of structures for the safety of aircraft!

Any structure exceeding 45m above ground level, or structures where the top of the structure exceeds 150m above the MEAN ground level, like on top of a hill, the mean ground level considered to be the lowest point in a 3 Kilometre radius around such structure. Structures lower than 45m, which are considered as a danger or a potential danger to aviation, shall be marked as such when specified.

Overhead wires, cables, etc., crossing a river, valley or major roads shall be marked and in addition, their supporting towers marked and lighted if an aeronautical study indicates that it could constitute a hazard to aircraft. ............etc.
15 January, 2009
The 177km Murraylink interconnector is already operational and transferring power between Victoria and South Australia.

So underground is the answer elsewhere?
15 January, 2009
Connecticut Utilities are in for a Battle over Proposed High-Voltage Line. We are not alone in the agument for the power lines to be placed underground.
15 January, 2009
If they can tunnel to place electric power cables underground for long distances in the UK, why can't they do the same here and maybe tunnel through the mountains?
15 January, 2009
Why do we have to have 765kv power lines? Topic reproduced from www.powerwatch.org.uk makes for an argument for 400kv power lines?
14 January, 2009
Circular Letter from Department of Envoronmental Affairs and Development Planning received from Riebeel Kasteel resident. Circular gives reference to Protocol for dealing with EIA applications during the festive period.
13 January, 2009
Comment by Western Cape Provincial MEC on the power line
13 January, 2009
Neil De Jager on behalf of TRIF submits provisional comments and a request for a further extension of time in respect of the HIA for the proposed power line
12 January, 2009
Chris Wright from Riebeek Kasteel Action Group submits provisional comments and a request for a further extension of time in respect of the HIA for the proposed power line
12 January, 2009
Joe De Villiers submits provisional comments and a request for a further extension of time in respect of the HIA for the proposed power line
12 January, 2009
ETLAC submits provisional comments and a request for a further extension of time in respect of the HIA for the proposed power line
12 January, 2009
Proposed Gamma Zenith 765kv Power Lines Environmental Impact Assessment (HIA)Route Maps published for your information
29 December, 2008
Seems like the residents of Riebeek Valley are also threatened by the Power Line and a Cement factory expansion program too boot!
29 December, 2008
Tulbagh Agricultural Society comes out strongly against the Proposed Eskom 765kv power line.
24 December, 2008
Letter from John Veschini  to Mayor of Witzenberg in respect of Council's failure to convene a Special meeting of Council to discuss the Eskom power line issue given that they are aware of the deadlines for comment on the HIA

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