Tulbagh Fruit Industry
The fruit industry is no doubt one of the most important components of the local economy and it is recognised as such all over the Western Cape and South Africa. Many families are dependent upon employment in the industry and have played their part with the producer in the development of the Industry to where it is today.  Fruit is grown in the northern and southern areas of the valley mostly and this includes apples, pears, plums, peaches, apricots, prunes and citrus fruits.

Much of the product is exported but a substantial amount of fruit is processed locally, either as dried or as canned fruit.

Consult the list below to contact the business/producer direct. Those farmers/businesses that have both pictorial and textual information about what they offer, have highlighted links in the left column.

Rhodes Fruits  (Pty) Ltd
Canned fruit processors
Tulbagh West
+27 23 2301061
Fruit Packers and Exporters
Kallie Huyns
Tulbagh West
+27 23 2300387
Export fruit
+27 23 2301700
Export fruit
+27 23 2300615