Animal Welfare

A wonderful initiative by some members of the community of Tulbagh has led to the formation of 'Chain' - an animal welfare organisation which is entirely voluntary

Their constitution

The Constitution, which clearly outlines our objectives,
which are:


(a) The organisation's main objectives are to:

1. Prevent cruelty and improper treatment of animals in the communities
of Tulbagh, Wolseley and Gouda, and if possible the greater Witzenberg Area
including Ceres, Hermon and Saron, herein after referred to as our
2. Promote Animal Welfare.
3. Attempt to provide Free or Subsidised Sterilisation and Vaccination
for all domestic animals and feral cats, but specifically aimed at the
underprivileged, unemployed or pensioned sectors of our community on an
ongoing basis, in conjunction with monthly Clinic Days.
4. Attempt to provide an affordable veterinary service to the
economically disadvantaged people within our community.
5. Involve our community by means of interaction, education and
community outreach programmes, concerning the responsible keeping and care
of all animals.
6. Reduce the number of stray dogs and feral cats in our community
through sterilisation and adoption programs.
7. Prevent unnecessary euthanasia.

(b) The organisation's secondary objectives will be to:

1. Appoint voluntary inspectors as authorised officers for the effective
policing and enforcing of animal related by-laws.
2. Promoting and possibly rewarding the reporting of incidents of animal
abuse within our community.
3. Attempt to provide facilities for the impounding of stray and problem
4. Create a public awareness of animal diseases and the control of
animal borne parasites that could be infectious to humans.
5. Strive to create employment in the long term to provide the
veterinary needs of the underprivileged sector of our community 24 hours per
day, 365 days per year.

The original message to announce the initiative in Tulbagh eNews 368 dated
12/02/2009 is also pasted below:


As anyone with eyes and ears would have noticed in the past, Tulbagh has a
serious problem with stray, sick, uncared for and unsprayed domestic

This is especially true were cats are concerned. Tulbagh Animal Lovers
(including me!) have been feeding and caring for these strays on numerous
occasions, often adopting some of them. But that obviously does not solve
the problem.

Something needs to be done!! And to get something done, a few people with
the same passion are needed.

After 8 kittens have been dumped on the road within 100m from my workplace,
and hearing of another 3 loads of dead, newly born, being thrown into open
field (yes! This is real!) - I have taken the liberty in phoning the head of
the SPCA in Wellington, Mr. Chris Theron, explaining the situation to him.

I was desperate to get just some of the mother cats spayed.

He explained, however, that to find a long-term solution, Tulbagh
(Witzenberg) needs an Animal Rescue Team, who can start taking action!
This is thus a plea to all Animal Lovers in Tulbagh and surrounding areas,
who would like to be part of such a team, to join in a meeting on Wednesday,
02 December 2009 at 19:00 at the Lions Hall. Mr. Chris Theron will be there
to explain the rest of the modus operandi.

I trust that this will speak to every animal lover's heart and I believe
that we will be able to put together a team that can really make a long term
difference in Tulbagh and eventually the whole of the Witzenberg area.

Information on meeting:

Place: Tulbagh Lions Hall
Date: Wednesday, 02 December 2009
Time: 19:00
Contact: Bibbi - 076 929 4471 / Heidi - 083 660 4841

We are also on Facebook:


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