Advertising on tulbagh.net

Advertising on this web site by Local Enterprise and the Community is FREE

However, the Webmaster reserves the right to refuse any advertising that is deemed inappropriate or unacceptable in his entire discretion.
A reciprocal link from the advertiser's  web site to http://www.tulbagh.net/ is a prerequisite to being promoted on this web site.

Members of the Community and Business may have their basic details listed in the relevant category and such details may include details of business, contact telephone or cellular numbers, own web site links if applicable and preferred and email links also if and where applicable. Those without current web site exposure may have a single page within this web site, with text and photo content not exceeding six photographs per advertiser at this stage. The Webmaster reserves the right the alter this arrangement at any time, and without notice to the advertisers, should the size of the web site become too large and unmanageable.

Advertisers will be obliged to provide their own information, details and photographs to be included. Advertisers will be responsible to provide updated information from time to time. Photographs sent to the Webmaster by email, must not exceed 380 x 285 pixels in size.  Photographs and textual information may also be hand delivered to the offices of Rocky Valley Properties at Shop 3 Oude Meul Village Mall, 30 Van der Stel Street, Tulbagh.

The Webmaster accepts no responsibility for content provided, errors that may exist, infringements on copyrighted material or any content accepted in good faith as being the property of the advertiser. It will be the responsibility of the advertiser to check the content and advise the Webmaster in writing, of any errors or ommissions and in respect of updates to the information and details provided.

Design and layout of the content will be at the sole discretion of the Webmaster.

Adverts will be included as soon as possible after receipt of the content but no guarantees will be provided as to how long it will take to be included in the web site.

To place your advert by mail, contact the Webmaster by clicking on the link provided hereunder.